“Quality means doing it right when no one is watching.”

Quality Baby Furniture

Romina makes no compromise in the pursuit of absolute quality in baby furniture. There is no easier way of doing something right other than doing it with passion and commitment. From preparing the lumber to utilizing the most advanced wood crafting technologies, from selecting healthiest finishes to using the most innovative hardware systems, we set standards and compete with ourselves to make sure our furniture will not only provide you with pride and satisfaction but your children and grand children as well. Our investment goes beyond numbers and margins, it’s rather emotional and there is no greater satisfaction than to know our hard work creates a safe home for Nature’s most precious gift, your baby.

Quality is a concept that cannot be defined by words but rather experimented, it cannot be pictured but needs to be lived and discovered furthermore investing in quality means adding value to your life.

Features of Romina Baby Furniture

solid hardwood
  • Solid hardwood has superior strength, durability and resistance than most other materials commonly used in the furniture industry.
  • All wood components are assembled using the old fashion “own dowel technique”. Organic glues and special nails are used for all joints.
  • “Dove tail” technique is used for all drawer boxes in addition to organic glues.
  • Large corner blocks are designed to increase support and inner strength of the whole ensemble. They are especially important for preventing wood reaction to extreme variations of local humidity and temperature conditions.
  • Tops are non-adhesively attached into specially designed wood blocks for allowing the furniture assemble to release all inner tensions that may occur in the natural wood aging process.
corner block support
how its made drawer glides
  • All our doors and drawers hardware systems are made in Germany with a soft-closing feature guaranteed for 80,000 cycles (73 Years for normal use).
  • Drawer glides allow a full extension for best functionality and can sustain a load of 60 lbs.