The Treehouse Series is our most popular line of wooden swing sets; also our most versatile and expandable! With limitless possibilities and a wide variety of options to choose from, you can create that perfect play system for your children, your backyard and your budget!

The Treehouse Series is our most popular line of backyard playsets with unlimited possibilities! Treehouse wooden playsets are designed for parents and children to play together.

The Wooden Swing Playsets Treehouse Series is the world leader in total value. Our Treehouse Playsets have been tested for over 25 years and continue to live up to the expectations of families around the world. We’ve recently redesigned our Treehouse series to give you the highest quality, easiest to customize, best priced Specialty play set available.

We’ve also incorporated our best engineering and highest quality materials into our Treehouse series. We use 100% cedar for long-lasting durability and back every Treehouse play set with our Limited Life-Time Warranty. Our compression clamps are the strongest construction system and have been tested to be more than twice as strong as non-clamped joints. In addition, these compression clamps make it easy to add higher levels as your children grow.

Design Features

  • Totally modular

  • Highest quality materials & construction

  • Vertical upright design

  • Deck heights 5’, 6’, 7’, 7.5’ and 8.5’

  • Swing heights 8’, 9’ and 10’

  • Slide lengths 10’, 12’ and 14’

  • Connect more than one Treehouse with a Bridge

The Treehouse Series Collection