Children’s Playset Collections by Backyard Adventures

The Wooden Swing Co. provides laughter and hours of entertainment for children with custom-designed playsets by Backyard Adventures. Our play systems for kids are designed with your child in mind! With our kids’ play sets, you will find the perfect combination of fun activities, safety assurance, physically challenging social interaction for your child, and more — all within the security of your own backyard!

We have handpicked which manufacturers’ backyard forts we sell. We work with them to guarantee we provide the highest quality and safest playgrounds for kids’ backyard adventures. Whether you are seeking climbing frames for children, clubhouse, or play towers, we look forward to providing you and your children with the backyard fortress you all have fantasized about.

Visit to get specific pricing with our current discounts. You can even use our virtual play set designer to pick out your dream play set in the comfort of your living room. Need direction? Read here for things to consider when purchasing a swing set.

wooden swing

Here at Wooden Swing, we can safely say that we have what you want when it comes to play sets for children! We offer many models and variations of some of the well-known series designed and manufactured by Backyard Adventures. Here at Wooden Swing we can help you choose what outdoor play set is right for you, which accessories you can’t live without, and whether or not you want to go all out and make it a combo set the rest of the neighborhood will envy!

Backyard Adventures play systems are made of 100% Cedar for long-lasting durability and they back every outdoor play set with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. We look forward to having your children play on one of our many forts, while we customize your new play set!