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If you live in the Dallas area and are currently shopping for safe trampolines for your children, we are your Dallas trampoline provider. Before you buy trampolines at another chain store in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, stop by one of our three locations to test out the “Ferrari of trampolines.” Alley Oop trampolines are high quality and meet the highest safety standards. Put your mind to ease while your children play in your backyard on the best trampolines available in the Dallas area.

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  • $2,899 plus $299 delivery and installation (within DFW area) ABOUT THE ALLEYOOP 10' × 17' This is THE perfect backyard trampoline for you! Whether you're an athlete, a G-Tramp fan, a kid, or a parent - you will love this AlleyOOP 10' × 17' Rectangle Trampoline with Enclosure. Its streamlined shape, professional-gym-level performance, superior safety, and rugged durability make it ideal for both fitness and fun alike!
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  • 12′ Trampoline with Enclosure

    $1,749 plus $199 delivery and installation (within DFW area) ABOUT THE ALLEYOOP 12' TRAMPOLINE WITH ENCLOSURE One of our most popular trampolines, this AlleyOOP 12’ Trampoline with Enclosure is both bouncy and safe! A favorite backyard trampoline for everyone - from kids to serious athletes - it keeps the fun contained as you jump higher. The thick frame and highest quality parts give parents peace-of-mind, ensuring that this trampoline will hold up to even the most rambunctious of jumpers.
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  • $2,349 plus $299 delivery and installation (within DFW area) ABOUT THE ALLEYOOP DOUBLEBOUNCE 14' TRAMPOLINE WITH ENCLOSURE This trampoline is a staple for backyard fun. Merging DoubleBounce technology with optimal safety and durability, this 14' DoubleBounce Trampoline will make your backyard the place to be! You won't have to worry when your kids and their friends all pile on at the same time - the AlleyOOP DoubleBounceTM 14’ Trampoline reduces the possibility of injury by offering a 50% softer landing while still providing a super-springy bounce. This adds up to less worrying and more jumping!
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  • 14′ Trampoline with Enclosure

    $1,799 plus $199 delivery and installation (within DFW area) ABOUT THE ALLEYOOP 14' TRAMPOLINE WITH ENCLOSURE If you're looking for a backyard trampoline that combines high performance, optimal safety, and unmatchable durability, consider the AlleyOOP 14’. This backyard trampoline is one of our most popular. Not only that - it’s one of the bounciest and safest backyard trampolines on the market! The AlleyOOP 14’ is a favorite among young children and adults alike. With a Triple-Fail-Safe Safety Enclosure, this trampoline is guaranteed to keep your jumper inside even as they push their bouncing limits! A thick frame and high quality parts give parents assurance that the AlleyOOP 14’ trampoline will accommodate even the rowdiest jumpers!
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Trampoline Accessories

We Sell Trampoline Accessories, Too!

Trampoline accessories are necessary for two reasons, safety and to create more fun! At Wooden Swing, we carry a large number of trampoline accessories, from safety enclosures and anchor kits, to basketball hoops and mist systems for those hot Dallas trampoline days! We can help you figure out how to make your trampoline fun and safe all year long! Come into Wooden Swing and jump around for a while, while we help you figure our which trampoline accessories you have to have!


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