“Safety is not expensive. It’s priceless.”

Safety is our number one priority. All our products are tested and certified for safe operation, they meet and exceed all government regulations in effect. We go one step further and incorporate the latest and most efficient technologies that are currently available to make sure your baby’s 1st furniture is the safest and most comfortable place to be.

As a leader in the juvenile furniture industry, we believe that it is not an option but our responsibility to set new standards for ourselves and pursue new Highs in manufacturing Quality that goes beyond esthetics and functionality to provide the pride and peace of mind that every parent is seeking and deserving.

Romina Cribs Are Certified Safe

Romina baby furniture CPSC
Romina Furniture Greenguard Certified

CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) is the only government organization that requires compliance with the ASTM set of testing procedures and standards for product safety. Each year, there are thousands of injuries reported in conjunction with the use of nursery products therefore it is very important that you stay current with the most recent updates on this matter by regularly visiting CPSC website.

We have successfully completed the rigorous GREENGUARD testing process to certify that all our cribs AND case goods meet even the most stringent requirements for indoor air quality and chemical composition. Romina Furniture entire product line is GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality as well as GREENGUARD Children & School” certified. Sometimes, the things you don’t see are the most important.

This is why we put a great emphasis on selecting the very best materials and using the most advanced manufacturing technology to create unique furnishings that have shape and color and purpose, objects will become part of little somebody’s life Journey, furniture that a little boy or a girl around the world will call Home for the first time.

We believe that offering a Clean, Healthy, Safe and Sustainable environment is the right way and the only way to preserve and protect future generations and we strive to ensure that we offer the very best furniture experience in the world.

Safety Facts: