Keeping the kids entertained, especially in the summer, can be challenging, and getting your kids outside can be a seemingly impossible task. Installing a swing set in the backyard can provide them with hours of entertainment and encourage them to get away from the TV. Wooden Swing Co., located in Dallas, boasts a wide selection of play sets, swing sets, trampolines, basketball hoops, children’s furniture, and patio furniture. They offer numerous solutions to fill the extra summer hours while providing family-friendly play.

With the extensive expertise on outdoor play sets, they’ve offered some insight into the things you should know about swing sets before purchasing one:

  • Material: Metal swing sets are increasingly unpopular, as they get extremely hot in the sun. Wood is the most commonly used building material, and there are multiple options. Cedar is both durable and high quality for the price. Redwood normally has a lifetime guarantee and looks beautiful, adding a rich color to the yard.

  • Size: The size (both the height and width of the set), is one of the major considerations homeowners should make. There are models offering five-foot decks (the landing height), all the way up to seven-foot decks. Larger decks will allow your children to grow into the set.

  • Safety: Buying a pre-prepared swing set will ensure it’s the safest model for your children. The holes are already drilled into the correct place, the beams are of an adequate density, and thorough instructions or staff can assist in the assembling process. They also come with high-quality hardware that is sure to stand the test of time.

Give your kids something exciting that incites their imaginations right in the backyard. If you’re interested in swing sets for you child, contact the professionals at Wooden Swing Co. in Dallas. More information about the different models and other outdoor toys and play sets can be found online or by calling (972) 386-6280.