Expedition Series



wooden swing outdoor playsets acadia expedition


Named for the rugged and awe-inspiring Acadia National Park on the Atlantic coast of Maine, the Acadia is the perfect entry-level playset worthy of the name Expedition! Our introductory playset is perfect for younger children and smaller yards, and comes complete with some of our most popular accessories.

Wooden Swing outdoor playsets glacier expedition


Like the mountains at Glacier National Park in Montana, this playset is tall and inviting! Compare the Glacier to similarly-priced playsets at your local home improvement store, and you'll find stronger construction and more play value in this popular Expedition Playset!

Dallas playsets yosemite expedition


The Yosemite is a beautiful upgrade from the Glacier playset, offering more wood components and enclosed spaces for greater play value! Like the 1200-square-mile national park of the same name, the Yosemite is a favorite for young explorers and thrill-seekers!

avalanche playsets acadia expedition


This play set is loaded with value and is designed to be strong and sturdy. The Avalanche is inspired by magnificent mountainous terrain around the world, featuring our popular climbing accessories.